10 Beauty Salons In New York City You Must Visit

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If you are in New York City or any part of USA and you are looking for the best place to add to your beauty because you are tired of your old salon and you want to try a new salon for a new, fresh and better looks, this guide is for you, because we are going to take you through 10 best beauty salons in New York city that will give an experience that is enough to overwhelm you completely. It’s a competitive market and these beauty salons understand that and will give you the best.

  1. Barneys New York Beauty Floor

This blows bar salon with high-end beauty products that is eager to give you the best; this beauty salon is very large and has space. Other beauty bars don’t have a choice than to covet them because of the kind of quality products they produce. Going to this beauty salon will make your day because you must surely be satisfied.

  1. MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics currently has Flatiron, Harlem, Times Square locations and Grand Central, plus stores in Brooklyn and Queens. All over the country, this beauty salon is a favorite among professionals. Their current special collections are bright pink shades for the Fantasy of Flowers. They are ever ready to give you a touch of transformation to a beautiful you.

  1. Fixed Beauty Bar, 847 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10065

This is a perfect place to get a blowout and a manicure at the same time at their genius square table, the salon accommodates eight people. This Upper East Side beauty bar takes multitasking to another level and they attend to their clients on Fridays and Saturday between 9 am and 9 pm, their hours are perfect for anyone no matter how busy you might be.

  1. Jin Soon, 421 E. 73rdSt, New York, NY 10021

Jin Soon is a favorite salon among the fashion industry set. Their signature treatment from their menu of nail art options includes waxing, shellac and the Breath of Milk and Honey. This Upper East Side salon is looking for a side luxury with their Mani’s and pedis ad will definitely satisfy you.

  1. Bergdorf Beauty Floor, 754 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022

At this beauty salon, you will find a mixed offering from affordable Clinique and Bobbi Brown products to splurges like A Met Sisley Paris. Bergdorf Beauty Floor is located on the lower level is also lust-worthy like other department store’s offering.

  1. Drybar, 222 East 34thStreet, New York, NY 10016

This bar knows how to offer good things, you can do all your blowouts and up dos, you can as well purchase favorites such as Happy Hour Shampoo ad conditioner and also do the actual blow dryers with many more services that make your day.

  1. The Red Door, 200 Park Ave S New York, NY10003

This salon offers an entire speed service menu including facials and applications as well as a full luxury component downstairs for massages, waxes and lots more. This Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa specializes in services for women o the go.

  1. Blush Nail Lounge, 218 East 5thStreet, New York, NY 10003

This salon is only available on weekdays, from 11 am to 4:30 pm. Blush Nail Lounge is more of a lounge than a nail salon, the Manis and pedis are across each other. The salon needs you to pay a visit to them for you to actually know what is care and perfect beauty.

  1. Rouge New York, 130 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012

Rouge New York is a studio founded by actress Stephanie March and makeup artist Rebecca Perkins which has a specialty in no pressure makeup applications, ranging from “You…Only Better” to “Total Polish”. It’s a place that is worth visiting.

  1. The benefit, 454 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012.

The benefit is a cheeky beauty salon that specializes in packaging products that really works, usually a beautiful blow gel and a lovely Real mascara. They believe in giving you the best and the best quality products. Nothing feels better than having the best. It will really be good if you pay this salon a visit.






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